Forget about those sad lunch breaks with a mayonnaise-soaked triangle of soggy bread, and just the odd trace of filling.

With Stellato, you will discover that every bag contains the best of our cuisine, applied to create a rich and interesting recipe that is always wholesome and light! Each of our recipes is developed with great care to give every sandwich a unique character, maintaining a lightness that can be enjoyed at any time.

In our kitchens in Nibionno we prepare the individual luxury fillings and sauces that accompany each of our recipes: a whole team of cooks behind every mouthful! The easy-opening packet is also easy to carry, so you can eat your sandwich wherever you are, whenever you want.

Kebab - tomato and onion

Sliced fresh tomato, delicate onion, roast veal and turkey kebab and a drop of soft mayonnaise. The Stellato kebab sandwich is the ideal recipe when you want a really tasty break!

Prague ham and mushroom sauce

With wholegrain bread, beech-smoked ham and field mushrooms, finished off with our creamy mushroom sauce, made with sautéed Porcini.

Turkey, tuna sauce and cucumber

The lightness of roast turkey combined with our delicate tuna sauce. A few slices of crunchy green cucumber creates a contrast that brings out the softness of the other ingredients.

Tuna and black olives

Small tuna chunks with sliced black olives and a touch of gourmet mayonnaise for a time-honoured combo.

Ham, tomato and crescenza sauce

A few slices of tasty ham, a handful of tomato and our latest new entry: a delicate creamy sauce made with milk and crescenza cheese.

Salami and green olives

Salami, green olives and soft, creamy crescenza cheese sauce! The ideal sandwich for a quick lunch or a top-class snack.

Would you like to eat 100% Veg?
Do you think it's a give up?
It's time to change your mind!

The result! It would be nice if to give up was always like this.

Tofu and artichoke cream

Delicious tofu pieces, delicate and consistent, accompany slices of artichokes, all enriched by a tasty cream of trifoliate artichokes.

Vegetarian, with seitan

We slice tasty wheat seitan with tomatoes and onions, and dress it with a delicate, creamy, sweet-and-sour bell pepper sauce made in our own kitchens.

Gluten-free tramezzino
Gluten-free bread

A brand new white, scented and friable bread absolutely GLUTEN FREE.

Tuna and Mayonnaise

Our tuna selected in deluxe chunks, accompanied by our handmade manonnaise made with pure sunflower oil.

Fresh tomatoes and green olives

The delicacy and fragrance of fresh tomatoes marry with the intense and slightly acidic flavor of green olives.

Stellato is the sandwich for the new generation: rich, hand-filled, great looking and even better tasting!