La Cuisine is our spreads department. Riva Alimentari has always believed in its spreads, for which it has set up an ad hoc kitchen. Here we brown onions, fry mushrooms, cream Crescenza cheese and sauté sweet-and-sour peppers. Some of these gastronomic delights are puréed and enriched with pure sunflower oil using a special emulsion technique developed in-house by our laboratories.
The spread we are most proud of is NOMAYO, a delicious egg-free mayonnaise with Sicilian lemons.

NOMAYO Our most extraordinary recipe,
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CRESCENZA CHEESE SPREAD Milk, fresh Crescenza cheese and sunflower oil. By far the freshest tasting spread, with a hint of milk, to accompany our best-selling recipes. TUNA SPREAD This traditional Italian recipe is made by carefully blending tuna with sunflower oil to obtain a soft, creamy consistency. MUSHROOM SPREAD Button and Porcini mushrooms are stewed for several hours before adding a handful of parsley and being left to cool. A very fine emulsion is then obtained with sunflower oil to create our mushroom spread. BELL PEPPER SPREAD Peppers and onions are cooked for several hours until bittersweet. Finely ground, they are the main ingredient of our spread, prepared using our special emulsion technique to achieve a beautifully natural and irresistibly orange colouring. BRANDY COCKTAIL SAUCE Who doesn't love a good prawn cocktail! Our cocktail sauce is very simple: just sunflower oil, tomato paste, and a touch of brandy for a delicately refined touch of flavour.

ORTO MARIOLINO; Our special vegetable processing know-how. Olives, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions are just some of the vegetables we process in our company. With the acquisition of MARIOLINO, whose history dates back to the early 1900s, we have developed a very special know-how in the field of processing vegetables. Some, such as tomatoes, are processed fresh on a daily basis. Others, such as artichokes, are marinated for several hours in herb and spice infusions – such as cinnamon, for a zesty flavour, or juniper and aniseed, for a more refined touch.

MARINATING Marinating is the process of soaking vegetables, for anything from a few minutes up to 24 hours, in a liquid prepared with various ingredients, such as salt, wine vinegar and the whole gamut of spices – from the intense flavour of cinnamon to the refined taste of star anise and coriander.

ROASTING For many of our recipes, we use a mirepoix of onion fried in olive oil. This is the only way to release the full range of aromatic notes of that kitchen classic, the onion.

SLOW COOKING Some vegetables are cooked for several hours. This process, also known as stewing, is used for sautéed mushrooms and sweet-and-sour peppers. Slow cooking is a classic method that requires patience but grants uniquely intense flavours and aromas.

FRESH CUTTING Various vegetables such as onions and tomatoes are freshly cut every day in our kitchens. This is the only way to preserve the fragrance of these delicate vegetables.

HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY We were among the first to use HPP (high pressure processing) to improve the quality characteristics of certain ingredients.
Indeed, processing at very high pressures (thousands of times higher than atmospheric pressure) deactivates the microorganisms naturally present in certain foods.
This technology, which does not require increasing the temperature of the ingredient, is ideal for retaining its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.