About us

Riva Alimentari Uniti was established in 2011, with a drive to innovate, using the decades of experience
accumulated by our family in the food sector.

Our first step was to take over “Mariolino” in Molteno, a company representing a standard of excellence
in the world of preserved vegetables, pâtés and sauces,
with a history rooted way back into the early 20th century.


Our desire to bring something new to the world of fresh products led to the creation of a special product:
the “Tramezzino Stellato” (star sandwich), packaged in its famous bag.

In 2014, a major property investment enabled us to open our new production site in Nibionno,
with dedicated lines for our current products and plenty of room for lots of new ideas.

In 2015, we gained IFS “Higher Level” international certification, confirming that an extremely high standard of quality
is maintained in our production departments.

Following over two years of research, we decided to launch our “Margherita” line:
a veritable revolution in the world of cold cuts.

Who is Luciano Riva?

Luciano Riva is our father, and the inspiration for our company logo.
Our dad Luciano, to whom we owe so much, has a remarkable history in the food industry,
and he helped us to set up this brand new activity.
Today he is responsible for various areas of the company, which is now managed by Riccardo and Isabella Riva.