Back in the nineteen-twenties, Bianca and Virginio Longoni opened two delicatessen stores in Milan, which were soon ranked among the most prestigious in the city, and indeed, they regularly supplied the Royal Family with delicacies of all kinds.
During the Second World War, both stores were bombed, and Bianca, now a widow,
moved to her country house in Molteno.

There she set up a company producing canned foods, and until the end of the war
she produced tinned meat for the army.
At the end of the conflict, Bianca Longoni devoted her experience and her exquisite recipes to the new company, and with the help of her children, she focused on the canned food sector. In 1964, Mario Longoni, Bianca's grandson, took over the helm and gave the company his own name.
So it was that Mariolino was established, producing and marketing artisanal canned vegetables prepared using the time-honoured recipes.

For many years the company specialized in the production of delicious luxury pâtés. Alongside the widely appreciated pâtés, Mariolino has recently expanded its production with a new line of mainly game-based sauces, which has gained unanimous approval even from the most demanding of customers.

In 2011, Riccardo and Luciano Riva stepped in to run this local company, with the drive to continue and reaffirm the tradition of care and passion for products that has always been a hallmark at Mariolino.


The art of canning fresh vegetables was originally developed for practical purposes: the ability to keep vegetables crunchy and tasty for months or even years, without losing any of their original quality. Our vegetables come from the best farms, where we patiently make the most of each season of the year to gather the fruits of the earth at their very best and process them so as to enhance their flavour and ensure it will be preserved for a long time.


Game sauce

Mariolino's experience in processing meat and vegetables was the foundation
for the development of our sauces.
We chose all-Italian chopped tomatoes and combined them with the best game to create a sauce with a full, intense flavour. The meat is cooked according to our special recipe, gently browning each piece to bring out its full flavour, which is then combined with the subtle tartness of the tomatoes.

Vegetable sauces

Every Mariolino sauce has been carefully developed, because each type of meat or vegetable combines differently with tomatoes. The product is then sterilized or pasteurized at carefully controlled temperatures to ensure it is absolutely wholesome, while avoiding over-aggressive heat treatments.


"Pâté Mariolino" is a simple product, but it requires careful and lengthy preparation.
Production begins by sautéing vegetables, then the meat is added and finally cooked slowly for three hours, during which a special touch is added in the form of a full, aromatic sweet wine. The meat is slowly mixed, and its flavour is boosted by our "sachet": a small, fabric bag containing a blend of five aromatic herbs in precise proportions. The careful, methodical process gives the product its buttery-velvet consistency on the palate.

The pâté can also be enjoyed in the historic "ingot", in which the delicately formed block of pâté is further enhanced with a tasty layer of golden gelatine.


We select the best mushrooms from around the world and prepare them carefully, with recipes to please every palate.
Mushrooms are among the most delicate products. Their flavour is intense, but it is also easy to destroy if they are carelessly prepared, or poorly combined with other flavours. Add the tenderest artichoke hearts and carefully-stuffed olives and the range is complete!

For a special occasion, you need a special product! Items marked with the SPECIAL seal are some of the fine, rare delicacies that are the fruit of our search for unique raw ingredients and our ad hoc processes, made possible only thanks to the great experience and skill of our staff.


There are plenty of ideas from Mariolino when you need a tasty dish that is as carefully prepared as if you had made it yourself!
Our hors d'oeuvres are all based on 'Salsa Mariolino', with a recipe that dates back many, many years.
Dozens of ingredients are combined in a labour-intensive recipe to give a truly special flavour, thanks to the precision and care of our cooks: we challenge anyone to guess all the ingredients!